April/May/June 2020 Heritage Highlights

April/May/June 2020 Heritage Highlights

But you, Timothy, certainly know what I teach, and how I live, and what my purpose in life is. You know my faith, my patience, my love, and my endurance.  You know how much persecution and suffering I have endured. You know all about how I was persecuted in Antioch, Iconium, and Lystra—but the Lord rescued me from all of it.  Yes, and everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution.  But evil people and imposters will flourish. They will deceive others and will themselves be deceived.  2 Timothy 3:10-13 (NLT)


Because of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, most of the churches on the grounds remained closed.  Some have gone to web-streaming their services.

Antioch International Church remained open for their main services on Sunday and Wednesday night because Pastor Peter Wyns was able to contact S.C. Governor Henry McMaster and the York County Sheriff, both of whom said he could hold services as long as he adhered to the “Social Distancing order.”

Pastor Peter wrote a letter to his congregation explaining his decision to continue the main church services.
Click below link to read the letter:

Note:  Below is a daily updated link on the spread of the Coronavirus.
As of 4/19 there were 210 countries and territories infected.

Jim Bakker’s Morningside Ministries in Blue Eye, Missouri

NOTE:  Because of the worldwide Coronavirus Jim Bakker, along with some of his staff, relocated taping the Jim Bakker Show from Morningside Ministries to his private home.  Morningside Ministries is under extreme warfare over one of the products they offer on their show.  As a result, the credit card company that processes their account is holding the ministry’s money pending the outcome of an investigation. 

NOTE:  Donations and Products can still be ordered through the Jim Bakker Show by electronic check, paper check, money order or cash. Check out Morningside’s website for further information at:  www.jimbakkershow.com

Through Skype, Jim and Lori continued interviewing guests, including Washington Correspondent William Koenig.  Author of the bestselling book Eye To Eye, which describes facing the consequences of dividing Israel, Bill Koenig spoke about a peace deal designed by the Trump Administration attempting to bring about an agreement between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Bill Koenig explained why he sent a letter to the White House warning that Israeli land should not be divided.

Below are two short videos where Bill Koenig talks about the seriousness of why it is so important not to divide Israeli land.

Eye to Eye 2020 Update – William Koenig – April 8th, 2020

More on the Newest Israel Peace Plan – William Koenig – April 9th, 2020

During the month, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn author of the New York Times best-seller, The Harbinger, appeared on the Jim Bakker Show.
Rabbi Cahn skyped his appearance from his home in New Jersey.
Click below to watch a short segment of this important show:

Among the things Jim Bakker and Rabbi Cahn discussed, Rabbi announced an upcoming event named The Return calling for a national day of prayer and repentance for America which will be held on the National Mall in Washington D.C. Saturday, September 26th.

A must-see:
Click below link to watch Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic (9 minute) Announcement: The Return

Below is The Return’s website for more information:

~A look back~

Jim Bakker’s video on “shortly” from his teaching on book of Revelation.

Biblical signs of the times:

When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the fourth living being say, “Come!” I looked up and saw a horse whose color was pale green. Its rider was named Death, and his companion was the Grave. These two were given authority over one-fourth of the earth, to kill with the sword and famine and disease and wild animals.  Revelation 6:7-8 (NLT)

Note:  Because of the increasing amount of earthquakes taking place around the world, we posted the following link to the United States Geological Survey.  This will keep those interested in the uptick of earthquakes up-to-date.  https://earthquake.usgs.gov/

On the 5th, Breaking Israel News reported: “4.6 earthquake rocks Red Sea where Jews crossed just before Passover.
An earthquake in Eilat just a few days before the holiday of Passover recreated what some belief were the conditions that preceded the splitting of the sea that allowed the Israelites to flee the Egyptians.”
Click link for story and picture: Earthquake rocks the Red Sea

On the 11th, Fox News reported: “Coronavirus: Trump has declared a major disaster in all 50 states at once, the first time in history.  President Trump issued a major disaster declaration for Wyoming on Saturday, meaning that there is now such a declaration within all 50 states due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Click link for story, video, and chart: Coronavirus Trump Declares Disaster

On the 13th, Interesting Engineering reported: “Severe Tornado Hits South and Southeast US, Causing Serious Damage.  Update April 14, 4:06 AM EDT: Over 30 people have been killed since Sunday as nearly 60 tornadoes rolled through Texas all the way to the Carolinas. Over 75 million people were in the path of destruction between Sunday and Monday as the storms battered on.”
Click link for story and chart: Seven Tornados Hit South USA

On the 15th, Fox News reported: “Chinese officials remove crosses from churches amid coronavirus for being ‘higher than the national flag.’  In March, Chinese Communist officials removed multiple crosses on churches in the eastern provinces of Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong, claiming that religious symbols cannot physically be “higher” than the Chinese national flag.”
Click link for story and videos: Chinese Officials Remove Crosses from Churches

On the 20th, Fox News reported: Israel leaders agree to new coalition ‘emergency’ government, Netanyahu to remain as prime minister.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will continue in his role after forging a deal with his chief rival to create an “emergency” coalition government, ending more than a year of political deadlock.”
Click link for story and pictures: Israel Leaders Agree 


Fresh Fire Ministry and Secret Place Church – headed by Todd Bentley were located at 8180 Regent Parkway.  www.freshfireusa.com.  Both Fresh Fire Ministry and Secret Place Church have moved off the grounds, with no new address at this time.  Check out the above website for more information about these ministries.

On the 17th, MorningStar Ministries opened their Sunday morning services with “social distancing” regulations in effect.  They are opening the church and hotel in stages with their first MFM Conference, Fields of Vision, which was held from June 10–12.  This conference was live-streamed.  Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman, Directors of MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries wrote the following about this conference:

MorningStar’s 2020 conference Retreat Fields of Vision Update

Fields of Vision will move forward as an online event, with our new dates of June 10-12 to allow time for the additional preparations this will require.

Despite the inability to gather everyone in one location, we have some wonderful things planned for this event, including live worship and a panel featuring experienced ministry leaders. Our speakers include Mike and Diane Bickle, Bobby Conner, Paul Keith Davis, Rick Joyner, and Tom and Mary Anne Hardiman. We hope you can join us!

For more information about MorningStar Ministries, check out their website at:  www.morningstarministries.org.

Christ Mandate for Missions (CMM), located in the World Outreach Center next to the Barn Auditorium, held their graduation ceremony on May 30th at the Upper Room Chapel.

Forty-five graduates made up the class of 2020. These graduates represented 17 countries including, Australia, Bahamas, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, Ghana, Hong Kong, Myanmar, New Zealand, Norway, Rwanda, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Uganda, and the United States.

Dr. Jorge Parrott, President of CMM, and Dr. Nancy Daniel, Dean of the college, conducted the ceremony.  The Commencement Address was given by Dr. Eugene Bach via Zoom.  Dr. Bach is also a student and received his Ph.D. degree.


The Graduation Ceremony was live-streamed from the Upper Room and can be seen at: www.upperroomchapel.com,  or on the college’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/cmmtheology/

Watch the graduation from the “Archive Section” of Upper Room’s website at: https://www.christianworldmedia.com/watch?v=d9F7k437V3wy

For information about CMM College of Theology check out their website at:

  • Setting up

Jim Bakker’s Morningside Ministries in Blue Eye, Missouri

Through SKYPE, Steve Strang, President and CEO of Charisma Media was a special guest on the Jim Bakker Show that aired on 5/1/20.  Steve Strang wrote an Op Editorial in Charisma Magazine because he sincerely wanted to “set the record straight,” on the recent attack against Jim Bakker.

“Why I Wrote the OP ED” by Stephen Strang – This program aired on the Jim Bakker Show on May 1st.  The below link will give you a brief understanding why he wrote this article:

Click below link to watch the entire show with Steve Strang.

“Why I Believe Jim Bakker Is Being Unfairly Attacked Online”

Jim Bakker (Facebook/The Jim Bakker Show)

Stephen Strang: Why I Believe Jim Bakker Is Being Unfairly Attacked Online

Jim Bakker is no stranger to controversy. He went to prison in the late 1980s and received a 45-year sentence. He could have spent the rest of his life there if it weren’t for what I consider a miracle. Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, whom I highly respect, did something unexpected. He defended Jim pro bono (free) because he believed Jim’s sentence by a biased judge was an injustice, and the courts agreed. Jim was released for time served in 1994 after spending almost five years in prison. After losing everything, including his wife and ministry, he has started over and built a successful ministry in Missouri.

Now, Bakker is in the news again. As I’ll explain in more detail, he offered a “Silver Solution” supplement on his The Jim Bakker Show. The silver solution is known to help fight some viruses. Dr. Sherrill Sellman, a board-certified integrative naturopathic doctor, appeared on his show Feb.12 and clearly said it had not been tested for COVID-19, but it might help your immune system fight viruses. The show was taped Feb. 5, less than a week after President Donald Trump issued the travel ban from China and long before we really knew much about this strange new coronavirus.

In hindsight, Jim was unwise to even mention COVID-19 with any product. But his enemies twisted his message to say he was “selling a cure.” He wasn’t. But the spin in the fake news media’s coverage that followed is that Bakker went to jail for bilking people, and now he’s at it again. In my opinion, that’s a lie, and I want to do my part to set the record straight. In fact, you can watch the clip for yourself here (the conversation about the Silver Solution Starter Kit starts at the 42-minute mark).

I was trained as a secular journalist at the University of Florida and I began my career at the Orlando Sentinel. But I’ve spent most of my career covering the charismatic Christian community. I remember covering Jim when he was just coming into prominence in the late 1970s. I watched him build Heritage USA, and I visited there several times—once in 1983 to do an in-depth interview for Charisma magazine on Jim and his huge vision. He was controversial back then—mostly due to his flamboyant style and partly over how fast he was growing. As a result, some people considered him somewhat arrogant. I remember observing back then that there was a “childlike” purity in his love for the Lord and for people. But there was also a certain “childishness” (self-centeredness, naivety) that seemed to make some people not like him.

I was also at Heritage USA with my family not long before the Charlotte Observer broke a big “expose” that Bakker had a fling with a secretary. In Christian circles, that’s scandalous. The backlash was enormous and Bakker resigned.

Then a tragic set of circumstances created a downward spiral. Bakker’s PTL ministry began to unravel and he ended up going to jail. History will show there were people out to get him. There were all the elements of a scandal that the press loved—lots of money in the ministry, an extramarital fling, a flamboyant religious experience and loyal followers (who some of the “elites” of the day looked down on as deplorables long before Hillary Clinton made the word popular).

So what did Bakker do that landed him in prison? As an incentive to donate, he told his partners they could stay free in the magnificent hotel his ministry built at Heritage USA. Some prosecutors said that if the partners all came at one time, PTL couldn’t fulfill its promise, and somehow that was fraud! Well, airlines routinely overbook, and furthermore, PTL didn’t turn away partners for being overbooked because they never all showed up at the same time. That was his offense. He did not bilk millions of dollars as some people online are saying.

Bakker did raise millions of dollars, but it was to spread the gospel via television and to build a huge media center and a facility near Charlotte, North Carolina, for his partners to gather for camp meetings, concerts, religious services, and other events. (As a child I used to attend Pentecostal camp meetings with my parents in cheap, rundown facilities. Bakker provided a really nice setting to gather to hear preaching, sing, and enjoy fellowship with other believers.)

With the millions he raised, Bakker also paid salaries, bought air time and, over the years, gave millions of dollars to missions. I know this to be true. He was generous with my late father-in-law, who was a missionary to the Philippines.

I believe Bakker was targeted by people who didn’t like what he was doing, and when he resigned over his “fling,” they found some things they felt they could prosecute. When I reported on it at the time, I found Bakker to have done things I felt were wrong yet pretty trivial—but not bad enough to send him to prison! The courts freed him for time served. Since then, Bakker has owned up to whatever he did wrong, a lot of which was a lack of wisdom on decisions he made. He even wrote a book, I Was Wrong. (I read every word, and you can’t read it without believing that Jim Bakker, for all his mistakes, is sincere and his repentance was heart-felt.)

What Jim Bakker went through would have destroyed most people. Yet he did something I admire: He started over and has built a new ministry called Morningside in Missouri with his wife, Lori Bakker. He has learned from his mistakes and, instead of relying just on donations to fund his ministry, he supports it by selling products—mostly books and products he believes in, including health supplements. I wrote about his restoration in a cover story for Charisma, which you can read here.

One such product is the “Silver Solution,” which he has offered for the past 10 years. I’ve used it myself, because I use products I believe will help my immune system. It was this product (which had not been controversial until now) that stirred up this new media firestorm. You can see the video for yourself. Bakker and his guest, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, talked about the health benefits, but clearly said it had not been tested for COVID-19.

The implication was if you didn’t know what to do to guard yourself from this dangerous new virus (and no one at the time knew), this solution might help. That’s all. He never said it was a cure. But the attorney general of Missouri, responding to complaints, issued a cease-and-desist order with which Bakker has complied. He even refunded money to those who bought the product.

When I heard about this, I looked up the tape (I missed that program) and saw he was being unfairly criticized. I also saw the distortions in the media of his past wrongdoings when reporting this newest controversy. Some even said he went to prison for rape. He did not. It was a one-time extramarital fling—there was never a charge of rape. But see how things spin out of control, especially when people don’t seem to care to know the truth? I believe the truth needs to be told. Jim Bakker is a good man who has spent a lifetime trying to help people and preach the gospel and support his ministry.

When this story broke, I kept expecting Bakker’s ministry to issue a press release to tell his side—especially after I saw the actual program. I knew from years ago what really happened and that Jim is not the ogre his critics portray him as. So I finally called him because of the years I’ve come to consider him a friend. He told me in hindsight he shouldn’t have mentioned COVID-19. He obeyed the cease-and-desist order, and you can’t even buy the product from him now. He’s offered to refund money to any partners who ask for it. But he’s basically a humble man and doesn’t want to defend himself. So I decided to speak up on his behalf.

The Jim Bakker I know loves people. He has spent a long time helping people, spreading the gospel, and ministering to those who need to know Jesus and the power of His love. Some of his critics don’t understand his Pentecostal fervor. They believe our theology of speaking in tongues or believing God still speaks is wrong. That’s their right as Americans. (I believe they are wrong too.) Maybe they don’t like the Pentecostal worship style of raising hands or speaking in tongues. But is that any reason to destroy Bakker or other ministries that believe like him?

Like the coronavirus pandemic, this controversy will be over someday. When people know the facts, I believe Bakker’s name will be cleared. Then he can get back to preaching the gospel and doing what he believes God has called him to do. That may not satisfy his critics. They didn’t like him before—or other ministries like his—and they won’t like him after this pandemic is in the history books. But Jim doesn’t answer to his critics. They are not his jury or judge. There is a judge Jim will stand before one day—just as every person on earth will.

My brother Paul is a charismatic music minister in Kentucky. If someone attacked him, I’d stand with him because he’s my brother! Jim Bakker is my Christian brother, so how can I do less? I wrote this to share my perspective—and the facts—hoping it makes sense and people will see Jim and what happened as I do.

For more information about Morningside Ministries check out their website at: www.jimbakkershow.com

On the 9th, Deadline.com reported: “Televangelist Jim Bakker has a stroke, taking sabbatical from his TV show.  Televangelist Jim Bakker recently suffered a stroke, according to a Facebook post-Friday by his wife, Lori.  As a result, the 80-year-old preacher will be taking what’s described as a “sabbatical” from his television show.”
Click link for story and picture: Jim Bakker Suffers Stroke

Jim Bakker Show #3925 – aired 5/26/20 – Lori Bakker, along with Maricela Woodall and Mondo Delavega explained in detail what happened to Pastor Jim the day he suffered the stroke.  They also share an update of  his ongoing recovery. 

~A look back~

Tammy Faye Bakker sings “The Sun will Shine Again” on the PTL TV Show.

Biblical signs of the times:

And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.  All these are the beginning of sorrows. Matthew 24:6-8 (KJV)

Over the past few months the Christian Post reported: “Bible publishers reporting jump in sales amid coronavirus fears.  Publishing companies that sell Bibles have reported an increase in purchases in recent weeks, likely connected to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.”
Click link to read story: Christian Post

On the 2nd, CNN reported: “Earthquake of 5.5 magnitude rattles Puerto Rico, damages buildings in city of Ponce.  A 5.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded off the waters of southern Puerto Rico early Saturday, rattling the city of Ponce, according to the US Geological Survey.”
Click link for story and pictures: Earthquake 5.5

Note:  Because of the increasing amount of earthquakes taking place around the world, we posted the following link to the United States Geological Survey.  This will keep those interested in the uptick of earthquakes up-to-date.  https://earthquake.usgs.gov/

On the 4th, CNN reported: “Murder hornets??!!
Click link for story, video, and pictures: Murder Hornets

On the 19th, CNN reported: “India and Bangladesh brace for the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal.  Millions of people in India and Bangladesh are in the path of a super cyclone which is due to make landfall in less than 36 hours, bringing damaging winds and heavy rain to a region already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.”
Click link for story, video and map: India and Bangladesh

On the 25th, the New York Times reported:  “8 Minutes and 46 Seconds:  How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody.
The Times has reconstructed the death of George Floyd on May 25.  Security footage, witness videos and official documents show how a series of actions by officers turned fatal.
Reported by:  Evan Hill, Ainara Tiefenthaler, Christiaan Triebert, Drew Jordan, Haley Willis and Robin Stein.

On May 25th, Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, after a deli employee called 911, accusing him of buying cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill.  Seventeen minutes after the first squad car arrived at the scene, Mr. Floyd was unconscious and pinned beneath three police officers, showing no signs of life.
Click link below for story and video: George Floyd

On the 31st, Police One.com reported: “Over 30 cops injured, 300 arrested during NYC riots.  More than 300 people were arrested in New York City’s overnight violent anti-police brutality demonstrations, in what Mayor Bill de Blasio called a ‘tense’ night for police officers.”
Click link for story and picture: 30 Cops Injured

This tragic murder touched the emotions of millions of people worldwide as riots and protests started breaking out around the world.  They continued well into June.


Most of the churches at Heritage are slowly reopening and incorporating social distancing.
NOTE:  All of these churches are listed in January’s Timeline with their websites.

Reviving Worship hosted by Toni Bogart and Christian Acker will be continuing through the summer months as follows:
June 13th and 27th, at 7:00 P.M.
July 11th and 25th, at 7:00 P.M.
August 8th and 22nd, at 7:00 P.M.
These services are live-streamed.


For more information about the Upper Room, check out their website at:  www.upperroomchapel.comor keep current with the happenings at the Upper Room on their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/62147692320/.

There is also a “live streaming” link in order to see the happenings at the Upper Room 24/7 at:  http://upperroomchapel.christianworldmedia.com/

The Upper Room’s weekend schedule is as follows:

The Prayer Team will be available on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There is an 11 a.m. church service on Sunday conducted by Bishop Ron Lambright.

Reviving Worship led by Worship Leader Toni Bogart meets on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month at 7 p.m.

Pastor Joseph Morrison of Blessed to Be a Blessing Outreach Ministries conducts a church service at 5 PM on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.

MorningStar Towers update:
On the 12th, Eric Kinsinger, moderator of the Tear Down the MorningStar Tower Facebook page posted the following:

Tear Down the Morningstar Tower

Today is the 10 year anniversary of this group’s battle against the tower of terror that has been left here due to the fraud from Jim Bakker and the failed PTL. Morningstar Ministries now owns this building with a purchase agreement back in 2004 with this intent to tear the tower down but they have failed to follow through this action. If you read through this page you can follow the court events and county council meetings. Morningstar has now claimed several different lawsuits and other items to delay what we hope will happen.

Today there are new signs to show we are still here fighting to tear the tower down and are not going anywhere. Hopefully, some of you in the Charlotte area will see them along with Morningstar members and upper management.

Note: This sign is on I-77 south-bound by exit 90.

Jim Bakker’s Morningside Ministries in Blue Eye, Missouri

Pastor Jim Bakker’s health continues to improve since he suffered a stroke.  The Jim Bakker Show is temporarily being broadcast from the Bakkers’ private home and is hosted by his wife Lori, Maricela Bakker Woodall and Mondo Delavega. The Jim Bakker Show is still airing at its regular times.

During the month, nationally known talk show host and author Steve Quayle was a guest on the Jim Bakker Show where he spoke about the war against Christians and the church.  Below is a short video from his appearance:

The Persecution of the American Church – Steve Quayle

On the 8th, the Springfield News-Leader reported: “Jim Bakker sues Arkansas attorney general, Los Angeles city attorney over church records flap.  After months of criticism, including a de-platforming campaign initiated by other Christians, controversial Branson-area televangelist Jim Bakker and his team of attorneys are going on the offensive as they contend with blowback stemming from a February segment on the Jim Bakker Show.”
Click link for story and pictures: Jim Bakker Sues Arkansas

For more further information about Morningside Ministries check out their website at: www.jimbakkershow.com

~A look back~

This is an excellent work by Scott Steward exploring the PTL grounds as an adult.   He visited Heritage USA as a child 30 years ago and went back to take a nostalgic drive-through of how it looks today.

Heritage USA – 3 Decades Later – What Remains? Abandoned, Relics, Artifacts
In the ’80s, Heritage USA was the third-largest theme park next to Disney World and Disneyland. Today, some original structures still stand abandoned; others remain after all these years. I do an extensive exploration of Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker’s once-popular Heritage USA Christian theme park grounds to see if I can find any.
By Scott Steward – Quest Capsule – episode #056

 Biblical signs of the times:

Jesus replied, “Don’t let anyone mislead you, for many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and saying, ‘The time has come!’ But don’t believe them.  And when you hear of wars and insurrections, don’t panic. Yes, these things must take place first, but the end won’t follow immediately.”  Then he added, “Nation will go to war against nation and kingdom against kingdom.  There will be great earthquakes, and there will be famines and plagues in many lands, and there will be terrifying things and great miraculous signs from heaven.” Luke 21:8-11 NLT

On the 3rd, Fox News reported: “Earthquake in Southern California pegged at magnitude 5.5: report.  A strong earthquake striking in Southern California on Wednesday evening was initially pegged at magnitude 5.5 according to a report.”
Click link for story, video, and chart: Earthquake in Southern California

Note:  Because of the increasing amount of earthquakes taking place around the world, we posted the following link to the United States Geological Survey.  This will keep those interested in the uptick of earthquakes up-to-date.  https://earthquake.usgs.gov/

On the 5th, CNN reported: “Strawberry Moon 2020: Best times to watch.  It’s time for another noteworthy celestial event.  Be sure to cast your gaze toward the sky for this year’s Strawberry Moon.”
Click link for story and pictures: Strawberry Moon 2020

On the 10th, Axios reported: “Texas reports the third consecutive day of record coronavirus hospitalizations.  Texas health authorities reported a total of 2,153 new coronavirus hospitalizations on Wednesday, up from 2,056 on Tuesday and 1,935 patients on Monday, CNBC reports.”
Click link for story, pictures, and charts: Texas Reports

Note:  Below is a daily updated link on the spread of the Coronavirus.

On the 11th, Fox News reported: “Seattle ‘autonomous zone’ has armed guards, local businesses being threatened with extortion, police say. Seattle police say they have received reports of armed guards and potential extortion in a self-declared autonomous zone that spans several blocks and includes a now-closed precinct.”
Click link for story, video and pictures: Seattle Autonomous Zone

On the 12th, AP reported: “Trump administration revokes transgender health protection.  In a move applauded by President Donald Trump’s conservative religious base, his administration on Friday finalized a rule that overturns Obama-era protections for transgender people against sex discrimination in health care.”
Click link for story and picture:
Trump Administraton Revokes Transgender Health Protection 

On the 16th, United with Israel reported: “IDF hammers Hamas following Gaza rocket attack.  On Monday night, one of Gaza’s multiple terror groups shot a rocket at Israel, which failed to harm civilians or destroy property.”
Click link for story and picture: IDF Hammers Hamas

On the 21st, United with Israel reported: “Shatter the two state illusion, it will never happen,’ says Israeli Ambassador to US.  The extension of Israeli sovereignty to certain territories in Judea and Samaria will not, as many critics suggest, destroy the two-state solution.  But it will shatter the two-state illusion,’ Israel’s ambassador to the United States Ron Dremer wrote in a blunt Washington Post opinion piece this week.”
Click link for story and picture. Two State Illusion Shattered

On the 21st, Breaking Israel News reported: “Annual eclipse over Temple Mount: a warning to the nations plotting against Israel (watch). The first solar eclipse of 2020, a rare annual eclipse, appeared in the sky over Israel on Sunday, precisely coinciding with the anniversary of the day that Moses sent 12 spies into the land of Israel.”
Click link for story, video and picture. Eclipse over the Temple Mount

On the 24th, Fox News reported: “Hundreds of National Guard troops mobilized to protect DC monuments amid protests.  Hundreds of troops with the Washington D.C. National Guard have mobilized to protect monuments in the nation’s capital, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News on Wednesday.”
Click link for story and video:
Hundreds of National Guard Troops Mobilized to Protect DC Monuments

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