1999 Heritage Updates

During the late summer there was a suspicious fire in one of the three Heritage Inn units that destroyed 6 of the 36 rooms and left the rest of the rooms heavily damaged.

November: Tammy Faye moved back to Charlotte to be closer to her children and grandchildren.

December: On the 31st, Jim Bakker preached at Rick Joyner’s annual New Years Conference in Moravian Falls, North Carolina where Rick Joyner resided. Jim spoke prophetically about how he had been woken up one night in April at the Yeager Estates. In a darkened room, he wrote down 31 things the Lord revealed to him would be happening in the near future.

Among those future events were explosions in New York City and at a top military facility in Washington, D.C.  God spoke to him about earthquakes, tsunamis, disease and worldwide chaos coming upon all nations. He wrote two books about the times ahead, Prosperity and the Coming Apocalypse and The Refuge. Both books deal with end time events leading up to the return of the Lord.