2001 Heritage Updates

Jim Bakker continued on with his new ministry and his attempt to go back on TV from Florida. He struggled with finances while renovating a lodge, on the rented property, into a TV studio and fellowship center. It seemed as though it was going to work at first as friends reached out to give him satellite, daily TV, and internet time. As time went by, little materialized in the area of television. Jim and Lori helped adults and children who came to the retreat, and ministered to needy people in the inner city of Panama City, Florida, where they distributed food and clothing.

On Tuesday, September 11th, as Jim Bakker foretold, New York City and Washington D.C. were attacked by terrorists. This was the most horrific tragedy in America’s history, leaving thousands dead. Within a few weeks America’s “War on Terror” began.

September 15th: Gloria Gebbia e-mailed me with this message:
“Hi Chris, Everyone here is fine. Thank God. I have a friend who is missing an uncle. But at this time reality is starting to set in. Phil had an appointment at the laundry center on Tuesday morning at the World Trade Center. He canceled it the day before when he found out from his secretary that he had to appear for a traffic ticket. THANK YOU JESUS. Love, Me”

November: Jim Bakker sent a letter out reminding his partners of the 31 things that God had spoken to him at the end of 1999. He wrote, “I saw people running in terror.” He said that there is much more to come as we are living in the perilous times of the last days.

December: After the tragedy of September 11th, I wrote to Tammy Faye telling her that Rick and I were writing a book about the vision of restoration the Lord showed me. She wrote back the following message: “God bless you Rick & Chris! I believe with all my heart that one day your vision will become a reality. I’m grateful we all share wonderful memories of beautiful Heritage USA. Love, Tammy Faye”

Potential buyers continued to flow in and out of Heritage USA without a sale.